Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

Color trends are very important. Color is the first thing another person notices about us. Its impact generally is immediate and long-lasting. Our fashion color choices say a lot about the image we are trying to portray.

Fall is fast approaching, but don’t panic! Whole organizations are committed to forecasting color trends. The most commonly known is the Color Institute, run by Pantone, who releases the color trends in December for the upcoming years. So we looked to them to see what’s trending for this fall.

Following the season color trends can have a huge impact on your wardrobe. So to save you some time we gathered the top 5 color trends for Fall season 2016.

Here they are:



Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

Burgundy remains the most important color in the jewel tone palette. Combine it with magenta, or salmon to add newness.



Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

Dark chocolate is definitely the deepest brown, and was favored highly in outerwear this upcoming fall season. Pairing the dark color with reds like burgundy and scarlet adds a touch of freshness.

BLUE (this is a new one..):

Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

The most popular color of spring was a soft pink followed by a soft blue. This fall, dusty blues have taken the lead. Blue is peaceful and credible.


Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

Olive changes the direction into a darker side this season. Combine olive colors with a marigold as an accent or to neutralize your outfit.


Top 5 Color Trends for Fall Season 2016

Coppertone offers a rich shade of brown. Seeing it evolve from lighter copper in previous seasons. A good combination would be coppertone with plum or even dark chocolate.


Now you know the top color trends for this Fall. It’s always a good idea to add at least one or two of these season trending colors into your wardrobe, but make sure you are adding in colors that work with your own seasonal palette to make it just right for you!


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Written by: gray