The Republicans against their own – Trump Agony

The Republicans against their own

Even the republican security expert leaders as at this day are against their own man – Trump – saying in an open letter that Donald Trump would be the most reckless president in American history should he be voted into power come November.

Does this make Trump’s journey to the White House a mirage or some pointer that should make him re-strategize?

In the open letter which was signed by fifty Republican national security specialists, it cautioned that if the big real estate mogul was nominated as president – he would be the most reckless president” in the United States’ history. This could put him in the Guinness Records as the world’s most reckless leader!

This 50 member group consists of the former CIA director in the person of Michael Hayden, who categorically mentioned that Donald Trump “lacks the personality, values and experience” to being the US president.

Trust TRUMP as he definitely has more words for his perceived political foes. Trump quickly responds by saying that this group was part and parcel of a “failed Washington elite” seeking to hold on to power.

If your own house rejects you, it means you are too good to be true or you are just a failure in disguise. Another school of thought says when it gets this bad; it could mean that the person in question is the messiah just as Jesus Christ was rejected by his own.

It was mentioned that Trump had questioned whether the US should honor its obligations to NATO, validated the use of cruelty and proposed that South Korea and Japan arm their government with nuclear weapons.

The letter simply says that Mr. Trump “weakens US moral authority as the leader of the free world,”! It says that Trump seems to lack fundamental data about the US Constitution, its bylaws, and legal institutions, as well as those of religious forbearance, freedom of the media, and that the country runs an independent judiciary.”

Clearly stated, the letter says: “None of us leaders in this group will vote for Mr. Trump in November,”!

Trump fires back to say that – the names on the signed letter happens to be “the exact American folks that should be quizzed on why the world is a mess”. The republican candidate and property mogul says that these guys were nothing more than the unsuccessful Washington elites seeking to hold on to their power and now is the time to get them accountable for their actions.”

The letter came as a sentimental response after Mr. Trump cheered Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server as reported by New York Times. Responding to that scene, Trump did say that he was “only being sarcastic” when he made those comments about hacking Hillary’s emails.

The scene in this political journey to the White House is becoming messier and revealing on a day to day basis, and nobody knows what will be dug next! While we are not one-sided in this matter, we think Hillary Clinton can make US proud as the president, and Trump may do better than what the majority assumes! What do you think? :


Written by: gray