Instagram Clones Snapchat Model

Have the social network lost creativity or is this a trend?

With Facebook & Instagram picture posts getting very few LIKES in recent times, Instagram has gone on to introduce a new feature on August 2nd 2016 known as the Instagram Stories.

The company thinks the LIKES current low fad is a problem, and that’s why it has modeled the new feature exactly as Snapchat!

The new feature looks exactly as a clone of Snapchat Live Stories. Just as Snapchat, this new feature at Instagram includes fun filters, and it lets you put up text on your photos and to also draw on them.

So for now no more ‘LIKEs’ – as the company thinks that it is somehow judgmental!

Instagram says that users require having a platform where anyone can feel free to post whatever he or she desires without the pressurizing fear of “did someone like that or not”.

Instagram’s top executive points out a clear issue that the whole social media industry is facing, not counting out its parent company – Facebook!

Folks do not love to be adjudged or worse misjudged when sharing on social media networks — and a ‘like count’ is fundamentally quantified judgment.

This is one clear fact why Snapchat users rose quickly to about 150 million day-to-day users, as folks don’t desire to be judged at any time they post a photo.

Fundamentally, by launching this new feature, Instagram is endorsing that “transient sharing,” or photos that quickly go away, have come to stay. At the moment, Snapchat owns this market, and Instagram needs it so badly – hence the deal to clone :).


Written by: gray