Donald Trump Getting More HEAT as He gets FIRED from ‘The Apprentice’ – 2 Reasons Why!

Donald Trump Getting More HEAT as He gets FIRED from ‘The Apprentice’

Donald Trump should wave bye-bye to his popular program – The Celebrity Apprentice – as the NBC Chairman in the person of Robert Greenblatt says he will never permit Trump any chance to be featured on the program should he desire to return to the former hosting gig should his presidential campaign fail.

The NBC Chairman recently spoke with reporters stating absolutely that there was no home or space anymore for the Republican candidate ‘Mr. Trump’ to return to.

I don’t know if he has a future in TV – however it is concluded with me to never allow this man get back on The Celebrity Apprentice, the chairman said.

As long as I’m here at NBC, Trump is history with the Apprentice!

Greenblatt says Trump is free to air on news programs as any other politician would do, but he refused to comment on whether NBC would like to work with the presidential candidate again on anything regarding the entertainment space.

In the past, Trump had hosted about fourteen collective seasons of “The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice” for NBC before going on board on his expedition for the White House.

The big man and star ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’, who was a former California Governor, is slated to pick up the reins for the forthcoming fifteenth season of ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’, coming soon on NBC – starting in January 2017.

2 Real Reasons this is happening to TRUMP:
1. Folks say Trump is too bias and Unreasonable
2. And that he is the worst that could happen to America if he wins


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