Did Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama Speech

Plagiarism In The Trump Camp?

In an effort of supporting Trumps campaign as he tries to become president, Melania Trump wanted to come out at the Republican national convention with a speech destined to invigorate the Republican supporters. Her main goal was probably to show support to her husband’s campaign with a very moving and powerful speech. However, people did notice that the speech wasn’t entirely original.

Based on a side by side comparison, Melania Trump’s speech is pretty much identical to a similar speech that Michelle Obama shared back in 2008 when she also tried to support her husband’s campaign.

After carefully analyzing the two speeches, you will see that they are pretty much the same. In fact, the similarity is so remarkable because entire portions of the Obama speech were left as is, without even a single change. This clearly shows that the Melania Trump speech was plagiarized and it wasn’t something original.

There are many things to back this up. You can analyze the two videos and you will see the passion that Michelle Obama had when she shared that speech with the nation. She was inspired by the crowd and she actually lived and breathed every moment and every word. On the other hand, the way Melania Trump shared her speech was bland and not that appealing in the first place.

Sure, the two speeches aren’t a complete verbatim match. However, what you will note is that they do have quite a similarity in the tone and as we said, some of the sentences actually remained the same. Trumps team immediately jumped to defend Melania stating that all the speech was her own doing and they didn’t help even one bit. They said she wanted to showcase her unique life and ideas but even if it was her own doing or not, one thing is certain. Much of this speech was plagiarized and unfortunately it wasn’t as good as Trump supporters wanted it to be in the first place.

On the other hand, Trump was very happy with the stuff that Melania had to say and her support. However, most of the internet saw the plagiarism and they were quite harsh, especially on Twitter.

What does this mean for the elections? There’s no denying that Trump’s staff is trying to use all possible material in order to reach success but how much success they will reach it’s really hard to say. One thing is certain, both republicans and democrats are doing all in their power to make Americans come to vote and it’s quite hard to figure out who will get to win right now. Both sides are heavily invested in the elections and they seem to use everything they can, even old speeches in order to make their message known.

Even if the impact of Melania Trump’s speech was negative, it’s hard to figure out whether this will affect the elections in any way. We will find that out soon enough!


Written by: gray

July 22, 2016