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News is raving about the Taylor Swift takedown and Kim Kardashian offering “clapping back” at her haters.

Kim has had her last laugh in the ongoing open feud going between Taylor and her husband Kanye West over one of his tracks ‘Famous’.
Following her victory over the star, who well ahead demanded the video was a “character assassination”, Kim sat down with BFF Jonathan Cheeban to deliberate the ideal way to respond to haters in a fresh video as seen on her official app.

Addressing it as the “clap back season”, Kim mentioned that -whenever she feels like someone is just being a faker – then it was the time for her to say something, and then it becomes typically really public.
Clarifying on the “clap back” scene, Kim says it is her way “to return fire, to a diss. She says her tip on clapping back is just to do whatever seems to make you feel real good, and this got her feeling it.
Kim Kardashian is known to get quite a bit of dislike from both the well-known and non-famous, but maintaining that she takes “the high road most of the time,” Kim the beauty queen of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ publicized she takes time to choose if a “clap back” is really necessary.

Kim says – she doesn’t just care, speaking about most of the abuses. I always assume; will I be affected by this anytime in the future, whether tomorrow, in a week, in a month, or in a year? And then usually the answer is a capital NO, so I ride on my way!

Kim’s most malicious comments were held in reserve for online trolls though, appealing she couldn’t just get it with some folks who went out of their way only to criticize her.

She says she feels like so many folks just pop up and say something nasty or untrue to get your attention and then to get you to pen something back, as they thrive off it.

Kim screams “Those are the biggest losers.” The beauty model and her hubby Kanye have had their fair share of haters and then the question is who hasn’t yet in the industry!

Cool it Kim, life just isn’t fair to all, and when you truly matter in the world scene, you get trolled! The best sometime is to keep silent and watch the haters stumble on their own path to delusion.


Written by: gray